The only holistic people-centric platform

Wellnest is the only tool that combines collective intelligence with a holistic approach to allow employees to take responsibility for their own well-being – creating dynamic inclusive corporate cultures, and engagement at work.

Finally listen to your employees and

leverage their skills


Create a workforce encouraged to take responsibility for their own well-being. Centralise everything you need, track results, automate and optimise your processes, communications and initiatives – in one user-friendly place.

Create an inclusive corporate culture people love

Work on 360°, With a Holistic Approach

Well-being is not only about risks assessments, engagement at work or physical activity. Human beings are complex and all different. That’s why Wellnest addresses well-being on all levels possible.

Spot Risks & Problems on Time

Make sure to run an agile company by spotting risks and problems on time and addressing them quickly. The only way to stay on top of your game.

Access Real Time Insights

Speed to data allows you to make powerful data-driven decisions. Gain insurance, time and efficiency by accessing your teams’ anonymous well-being levels in just a few clicks. Facilitate meaningful connections in the workplace

Facilitate a Bottom Up Approach

Tap into collective intelligence. Don’t waste any more time and money in things and events your people don’t fully care about. Instead, create your culture together and support engagement. Spot ambassadors and allow people to take initiatives

Save time by automating and optimising processes and initiatives


Science-Based Assessments

Access science-based assessments for each one of your wellness pillars. We are working with certified professionals to offer powerful question sets for a deep understanding of your teams.

Work With The Best Professionals Only

Wellnest’s rating system allows to quickly spot the most appreciated professionals, services and products. From healthy food to coaches to therapists to classes, talks, workshops, and more. Get connected to the best to get the best results.

Create & Access Unlimited Solutions

Insight without action is much worse than having no insights at all. This is why you can choose from unlimited solution options, for each of your wellness pillars, may they be paid or free, coming from external vendors or from your own teams.

Use AI & Optimize Communications

AI helps you give your employees a smart tool to help them improve according to their own personal needs, levels and interests. No extra emails with info they don’t need or don’t want.

Give your employees exactly what they need, wherever they are

On & Off-Site Solutions

Connect with your remote teams and offer the same level of well-being, support and options to every member of your teams, wherever and whenever they work. Sales reps and agents included.

Tailored Content

With Wellnest, everyone receives pieces of content tailored to their own specific levels and needs. So, someone with a ‘beginner’ level in one area will not receive the same information as someone labelled as ‘advanced’.

Online Coaching

Our partners (coaches, experts, psychologists, doctors…) have designed coaching series for each level of each pillar, available within the app. Like a digital coach, Wellnest takes end users from A to Z to create results.


In-App Voting System

In order to be 100% sure you implement popular solutions, you can combine assessments with votes. Select a panel of solutions and easily ask your employees to vote for what they’d prefer.

Wellnest’s pillar-based holistic approach



  • Engagement
  • Vision & strategy
  • Leadership & management
  • Career development
  • Stress management
  • Work environment
  • Creativity
  • General health
  • Sleep
  • Nutrition
  • Physical activity
  • Self-development
  • Spirituality
  • Mindfulness
  • Social life

A new way to address well-being

Well-being is much more than risks assessments, engagement at work or physical activity… Or even the 3 combined!

Human beings are complex and all different. Their needs change with time. This is why Wellnest’s approach has been designed to make sure you can address any area that could impact the whole being.

How flexible is this approach?

Even-though Wellnest offers certified assessments for each pillar, you can also create yours.

That means you can create your own pillars with your own sets of questions for specific topics you want to address, such as “Motivation around project X”.

How does a pillar-based approach work?

For each pillar, you can access certified sets of questions to make sure you understand your teams on a deeper level.

At Wellnest, we know that addressing well-being in a holistic way is the only way to get sustainable results. 

How reliable is it?

Our approach is backed by the latest researches in neuroscience and psychology, the work of Dr Rob Yeung and the Institute For Integrative Nutrition.

We are also working hand in hand with universities to validate our best practices and certify each assessment and questions set.

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