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Yoga Studio Case Study 

Discover how Daphné from Serenity Yoga has drastically reduced her admin and communication time by streamlining and automating her studio with Wellnest. You’ll also learn how Wellnest allowed her to create new offerings for her students.

How using the right technology will allow you to work less but better and smarter


Before Covid-19, I used to manage my communication and post the same message on different platforms. My students and audience were totally spread between my email list, my Instagram, and Facebook followers. But because I was teaching in bigger studios, I was not responsible to manage the admin (bookings, payments, etc). I was also teaching offline, in a studio I was renting but there was minimum admin work and I could still handle it by myself.


When the pandemic hit, the bigger studios I was working for had to close and I had to leverage my existing audience to be able to teach online and still make a living from my teachings. This is when I went for a Zoom membership to start streaming my classes. However, the logistic behind it was pretty complex.

At one stage I just realized that all the time I was spending communicating on all the different platforms, social media, etc… was too much and was killing my business. It wasn’t profitable. Not to mention I was communicating without being 100% sure the message was going through and was reaching all my audience.

Knowing that teaching online was something I wanted to do, even after the pandemic, I had to find a solution to make it work.


So what were your requirements and what did you need exactly?

I needed to automate my work processes and avoid having 10 different channels to manage (FB, IG, Zoom, Mailchimp).


I also needed to centralize everything in one place as I was spreading myself too thin by managing everything in many different places.


So, for me, it was really to save time and allow an easiness of use, not only for me but also for my community (which is not the case with Zoom). They don’t collect payments, you have to send the meetings links separately, it’s not very neat, nor user-friendly. I needed something more professional and easier for everyone.

My students are not all tech-savvy, so that is also something I had to take into consideration. I had to go with something that was so simple so that everyone could easily use it.

Did you have any fear about using a new tool?

Yes, of course!

I was actually scared that it would be too complex and would complicate my life instead of simplifying it. You know, you invest your time and money into a new tool, it’s always a bit scary, right? You are scared to make the wrong decision, that it will not be worth it, etc.


But it was not the case at all.


It turned. out really well. My students find it way easier than using Zoom and on top of that their experience is way more qualitative, more professional, more beautiful.
Everything is automated so it’s really great for everyone.

Now that you’re using Wellnest, can you tell us what you like the most about it?

First of all, it’s the amount of time that it allows me to save. Not only this changes my life but it also allows me to have a more profitable business as I don’t spend as much time communicating and managing the admin part of my business. This is a game-changer. This is like hiring a VA, except it costs way less and that is much more scalable, obviously!

I now have much more time for myself and it also allows me to create new offerings and teach more, which are activities that actually grow and nourish the business, not like the admin.


Then the branding. The custom branding is so nice because it allows me to offer my student professional experience. This is something that no other tool allows. Zoom, YouTube, or even other platforms I had to work with in the past aren’t as easy to use and as beautiful. And they certainly don’t allow me to custom-brand my community so beautifully.

To me, this is pretty important because this concerns the experience you give your customers. During the COVID lockdown, I was invited to teach at a huge online event. The host decided to use an external platform. The user experience was so complicated that we lost a huge number of participants just because of that. This kind of mistake can be very costly. And when you are a small business, you might not be able to afford it.

This is something that never happened with Wellnest.


On top of that, thanks to Wellnest, I am now able to allow my students to book different types of classes within our new branded platform. Not only for my own online and offline classes but also to see and register to classes I am teaching elsewhere, in other studios.

Everything is visible and transparent. They don’t have to gather information from different places and communication channels, which can be confusing for everyone and also unproductive.


What has changed in the way you’re working?

Clearly, I am now able to create offerings that I could not even think about before.


Because Wellnest allows you to offer the replay videos of your classes, which is a great value for my students, I am now preparing different offerings and options that were not accessible to me before.


I am now working on a library of classes – online videos – and other types of content – such as workshops – that my students could access for a monthly fee.


I am also preparing a mini online program / mini-course that they could purchase for an extra fee if they want to work step-by-step. So that really allows me to package my knowledge and teaching in different ways to meet different needs.


Also, I am totally loving the fact that I can run my business online without costing me the rent of a physical studio. I know I could take it with me anywhere and that if another pandemic hits, I will already have something in place to serve my audience, without any stressor.


Finally, Wellnest allows me to capture my audience in my own studio. When you want to build your own business (and not just teach for big studios), this has no price!


So for example, if someone likes my classes, he/she can easily join my own Wellnest studio/community via my website or social media. This not only allows he/she to easily see and access all the classes and offerings I have in store but that also allows me to have him/her in my customer base,  so that I can keep in touch with him or her automatically and consistently.

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